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Healthcare compliance and medical criminal law

One main focus of our firm is healthcare compliance and medical criminal law. Geiger Nitz + Partner clients benefit not only from expertise gained in many years of advising, but also from the extensive knowledge of business processes Daniel Geiger obtained as a compliance officer and risk manager in a major research-based pharmaceutical company and through his current involvement in pharmaceutical self-regulation.

We advise our clients in all areas of compliance management, from risk analysis and assessment to risk control and risk monitoring. We assist both in implementing specific measures and in creating or restructuring entire compliance systems specifically designed for the client. We produce reports on specific issues, especially those relating to medical criminal law and competition (criminal) law, while our clients also benefit from the firm's focus on healthcare advertising law and competition law - areas which are closely linked. If required, we can provide our services as an external compliance office, compliance ombudsman or compliance helpdesk.

We also defend individuals during criminal proceedings and represent companies' interests in connection with criminal or infringement-related proceedings.

Market and reimbursement

We have particular expertise as regards market access issues and the reimbursement for innovative medicinal products. We advise pharmaceutical companies and healthcare service providers regarding all areas of supply of medicinal products. Our advice covers price regulation in accordance with SGB V, selective contracting options, regional supply contracts and prescription management as well as prescription audits.

We focus in particular on price regulation in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Market Restructuring Act (AMNOG). Gerhard Nitz and Joern Grotjahn have many years' experience gained through the Federal Joint Committee's (G-BA) benefits assessment procedure, negotiations regarding reimbursement prices with the GKV federal association, proceedings involving the AMNOG arbitration body and judicial disputes.

Drafting contracts and cooperation agreements

We assist our clients in drafting contracts for their business activities in the healthcare sector. This includes all types of cooperation agreements between the health industry and experts or expert organizations. Clinical research is a key area here.

In addition, we provide extensive advice regarding the drafting of cooperations between the out-patient and in-patient sectors.

Healthcare advertising law and competition law

We provide comprehensive representation of our clients' needs in enforcing and defending against competition claims. We command special expertise in healthcare advertising law, with extensive knowledge of healthcare legislation such as pharmaceutical and medical device law, social insurance law or healthcare professional law.

Pharmaceutical and medical device law

We offer comprehensive advice when it comes to the regulatory aspects of pharmaceutical and medical device law, and assist in defining legal issues, in disputes with federal agencies or ethics committees, and in drafting contracts, particularly in the area of clinical research and contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Medical practitioner liability and product liability

For many years we have successfully represented and advised healthcare companies in product liability cases before the civil courts. We have special expertise in defending medical device companies, in particular endoprosthetics manufacturers, against claims for damages.

We advise medical professionals in lawsuits relating to malpractice claims both in court and outside of court.

Healthcare professional law

We advise healthcare professionals in disputes with professional associations. We represent them both in associations proceedings as well as before Berufsgerichte (courts for professional conduct). Another focus of our firm is on advising providers of certified continued education courses in attaining approval from regional medical associations.

Digital healthcare:
Data protection law and telemedicine law

We help our clients to cope with the legal challenges in connection with the increasing digitization of the healthcare system, many of which are yet to be clarified. These include in particular all aspects of (healthcare) data protection law. We oversee market launches and the ongoing marketing of digital innovations. In particular, we focus on advising clients developing telemedicine products.

Dr. Daniel Geiger - Best Lawyers - Handelsblatt

Dr. Daniel Geiger - Best Lawyers - Handelsblatt